For men may come and men may go,
But I go on for ever.

-From the poem, 'Brook' by Alfred Lord Tennyson

Welcome to my website! I am K.Vikraman. I was born and brought up in Chennai, India. I am an ardent fan of Roger Federer and Bruce Lee. I majored in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Roorkee.

I am fascinated by the fields of AI, healthcare and Optics. I also write blog articles to promote the same. I run a lecture series Youtube channel to teach deep learning with TensorFlow. I have a penchant for questioning how things work and creating cool gadgets. I was an active member at the electronics section at IIT Roorkee and made several prototypes. I support and promote open source projects promote Python, MEEP and Raspberry Pi by writing articles and creating videos.

One of my best projects so far is on earthquake prediction using deep learning :)

To know more about my work, visit my portfolio page.

Apart from my academic life, I love to travel and seek adventure. I am a Google Local guide! In my free time, I draw & paint digital sketches, and I do stargazing. I play tennis. I love to bike around. I biked almost entire Okinawa, Japan :) For some breathtaking videos from my GoPro subscribe to my channel.

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