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I majored in Physics at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee and graduated in 2014. I feel happy and proud to have studied there. During my high school time, I wanted to study at IIT and I'm glad I realised my dream after cracking IIT-JEE. I chose Physics to have a good understanding of how things work in the world. The physics approach of thinking always helped me to see through things better and gave me an edge when I worked with my peers from Engineering and other backgrounds.

During my years at IIT, I learned a lot, both academically and otherwise. IIT Roorkee boasts one of the best sports infrastructures I enjoyed playing Tennis and hiking trips. I was interested in optics and did my best to spread knowledge of this subject. I started a student chapter of the Optical Society of America at IIT Roorkee and organised gave lectures and demonstrations to the nearby schools.

Year Curriculum Institue Percentage
2017 Self Driving Cars Udacity Completed
2016 IELTS British Council 7.5/9.0
2014 IMSc Physics IIT Roorkee CGPA:6.88/10
2008 Intermediate MVM School, CBSE Board
  • Overall:89%
  • Physics:95%
  • Maths:95%
  • Chemistry:91%

Work Experience
Year Role Company
September '18- Present Machine Learning Lead Ayu devices
August '16- Present Owner Vikraman Karunanidhi Consulting Services

Research Experience
Year Institute Department Job title
2015 JULY-FEB '16 Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology(OIST), Japan Light Matter Interaction Research Technician
2015 MAR-JULY Indian Institute of Technology(IITD), Delhi Photonics research Labarotory, Physics department Research Internship
2012 MAY-
Indian Institute of Technology(IITM), Madras Plasmonics research, Electrical Science Department Research Internship
2011 MAY-
Indian Institute of Science(IISc),Bangalore Soft Nano Materials lab, Physics department Research Internship

  • "A deep neural network to identify foreshocks in real time" by K.Vikraman link to paper

Annual Seismological Society of America(SSA) Conference(2019)

  • A deep neural network to identify foreshocks in real time (Oral presentation)

  • Event and noise discrimination using AI (Oral presentation)

Applied Optics and I :

During the second year, I took up my first project in Applied Optics to improve light extraction efficiency of OLED and started reading more about the Plasmonics field that connects Physics and electronics at a nano level. My interest in optics augmented. To have more lively discussions, and expand my activities, I started a student chapter of the Optical Society of America in my institute. I held active talks about Applied optics and gave a few demonstrations in a nearby school. In the coding front, I gained experience about powerful numerical computations like MEEP FDTD and Lumerical FDTD and made some tutorials and videos on them. For my final year thesis, I worked on moth-eye structures to reduce reflection loss in Solar PV. After graduation, I did a three-month internship at IIT Delhi, working on biosensors. I designed a novel biosensor based on WGM, that has narrow bandwidth and good sensitivity. From July-15 to Feb-16, I worked as a research technician at Light-Matter Interaction Unit at OIST, Japan. Majority of my work revolved in fabricating nanoscaled devices in the clean-room. I successfully fabricated a nano bridge using FIB machine. In July-2016, I was lucky to participate in 'Engineering the eye'' workshop where I worked on the device 'Julia'. My contribution towards the project was that I redesigned the device simplifying the Optics.

Deep learning and I :

My first encounter with Machine learning was in 2014, when I did a course on Machine learning by Andrew Ng. Almost after a year, I came in a close encounter to major earthquakes. The news that thousands of people dying because of earthquakes was disturbing me. As a Science graduate, I questioned why earthquakes are unpredictable? Coincidentally, there was a new reading club formed at my workplace(OIST, Japan) to discuss the about Deep learning book. I actively took part in the discussions and started learning more about this subject. After completing my project in Japan, I decided to devote more time to self-research to find a reliable precursor. I started learning more about seismology in-depth, analyzing past methods of prediction. After a long search, I created an algorithm that takes in live data and identifies whether it is a foreshock, mainshock or an aftershock. During the same time, I got selected for an elite nanodegree program about self-driving cars by Udacity. I worked in the following fields: Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Sensors.

Healthcare and I :

My late grandfather was a famous doctor in a remote village. Growing up, I saw how local people used to worship him and his service to the community. He will always remain my role model for my endeavours in the medical field. 'Medical Device Innovation Camp(MeDic)' at IIT Bombay and 'Engineering the eye' workshop conducted by LVPEI-MIT Media Lab exposed me to practical aspects of how technology can help solve medical woes. I currently work at a healthcare startup, that allowed me to interact with the best cardiologists in India. I've participated in a medical(Kaggle) competitions(Pneumothorax Segmentation,Pneumonia and Nuceli detection) and firmly believe that AI can mitigate the doctor-population ration issues.

Image processing and I :

My first experience with Image processing was in Robotics competition held at IIT Bombay,2011 which involved a dynamic areana. After that, I made some algorithms to track hand gestures and control a small car with hand gestures. In May 2011, I analysed images took from AFM at IISc using image processing algorithms. Now I use deep learning algorithms to study and classify images. During my self-driving car course, I worked extensively on Computer Vision algorithms for detecting lanes, cars, traffic signs and behavioural cloning.

I have created schematic diagram to visualise my projects. To toggle there, click here.

Machine Learning:

  • Deep learning frameworks: TensorFlow, scikit

  • I have my Youtube channel where I discuss code and algorithms implemented in TensorFlow

Computer languages/softwares:


  • Solid Works

  • OpenScad

  • Gimp and Inkscape

During my research work at the Light-Matter Interaction, OIST, I used Solid Works to design custom mounts for different optical components. In my previous research experience at IIT Delhi, I used OpenScad to create optical mounts, and 3D printed it.

Web development Skills :

I am profienct in the following web development languages. I used them to buid my personal website.

  • HTML & CSS

  • jQuerry and Javascript

  • D3js (Data Driven Documents)


  • Soldering

  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi

  • Breadboard connections

I was actively a part of the electronics section, IIT Roorkee, where I learned about breadboard prototyping, soldering and programming in Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I support and promote the use of Raspberry Pi through blog articles and videos.

Laboratory Skills

I have received formal training and I have worked with the following equipments/process

  • Scanning Eletron Microscope(SEM)

  • Sputtering

  • Focussed Ion Beam

  • Spin coating

  • Photo Lithography

  • Interference Lithography